C&F Farms - Who We Are

C&F Farms has been around for three generations. The name has changed, and the practices are getting better everyday.

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A third generation farm working every day to leave it better than we found it.

We’re a small family farm in the Bonsack area of Roanoke County. The first parcels of land that now make up the home farm for C&F Farms were purchased in 1948 by Emory Cox, where he farmed for over 45 years. The farm started out raising a variety of things from row crops to retail vegetable crops, and has always had different types of livestock. Over time as the markets changed the farm moved away from crops and began concentrating more on livestock production, still selling into the commodity market.

Starting in 2020 we have changed our model, and, while still concentrating on livestock production, we are really focused on how that livestock is raised. As a family farm, we understand the benefits of providing our animals with both a clean and healthy environment. It’s incredible what that does for their quality of life, and what it does for ours. Through intensive management practices we can provide our animals with new forage areas daily, and access to fresh, clean water. By mimicking this natural system, there is less of an impact on our animals allowing them to live a healthier lifestyle. This healthy lifestyle is then passed on to the consumer through higher quality products, and to the environment through improved soil health and ecosystem.

The farm is currently run by Emory’s daughter Debbie and her son Jared.

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