Gift Package - Best of Farm

Gift Package - Best of Farm

A great gift for the food conscious person in your life with a nice sample of our non-gmo pastured pork & grass finished beef.
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Have you been struggling to find the perfect gift for someone who is always thinking about the quality of the food they're eating? Or maybe they love getting farm fresh foods from a local farm?

This package of our non-gmo pastured pork is the perfect gift!

With this package you get:

2 boneless pork chops

2 bone-in ribeye steaks (can be substituted for same value steak depending on availability)

5 pounds of ground beef

1 beef roast (from chuck, eye of round, rump, or sirloin tip roast)

1 package of brats (4 per pack)

1 package of Italian sausage (4 per pack)

1 pound mild breakfast sausage

2 pounds mild sausage breakfast links