Half Cow - Deposit - April 2023

Half Cow - Deposit - April 2023

Final cost determined by hanging weight

Please note, this is a deposit only and balance is due prior to pickup.

Buy in bulk and save with a half beef custom processed to your specifications.

Final price is calculated based on $5/lb hanging weight for a half share. Estimated final cow purchase price is $1,500 with estimated final hanging weight of 300 lbs.

Final price will be determined by final hanging weight. Once item is weighed, you will receive an invoice with the amount due minus your deposit. You will receive a receipt for the final charge. Processing fees will be paid directly to the processor at pickup.

How much on average does a half beef share cost?

For half of a 1000-pound steer, the approximate hanging weight would be 300 pounds, giving you a purchase price of $1,500. With that estimated hanging weight, processing fees will be $307, for a total cost of $1,807. With a yield of approximately 200 pounds of cut beef, total cost would be $9.03 per pound.

How will my meat be packaged?

Each piece will be vacuum sealed in clear packaging and labeled with the name of the cut.

What should I expect through the whole process, from deposit to pickup?

  • After placing your order online and securing your beef with the deposit, you will receive an email with a cut sheet and directions for completing the cut sheet and returning to us via email by the date provided. As you fill out your cut sheet please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have. If anything is unclear when we receive the cut sheets back we will contact you with questions.
  • We will deliver the animal to the processing facility, which is Thompson's Meat Processing in Floyd, Virginia.
  • Approximately 2 weeks prior to your pick-up date, you will receive a detailed email with your final balance. This balance will NOT include the processing fees, which are paid to the processor when you pick-up your order. Final payments to C&F Farms are due prior to the pick-up date provided in the email.
  • When you arrive at the processor they will accept your payment for the processing and bring your beef out to you. Make sure to bring enough coolers or boxes!
  • You can make your final payment via cash, checks, or credit cards.

How much storage space do I need?

As a general rule of thumb you should plan for 1 cubic foot of freezer space per 35-40 pounds of meat. (1 cubic foot of space is roughly the size of a full large brown grocery bag.) For example, a half beef share final product weighs approximately 190-210 pounds. So you should plan for 4.75-5.5 cubic feet.

Disclaimer: The numbers provided in this FAQ are averages and will not be exactly the same for every share that we sell. Each animal dresses out differently and how the animal is processed to the customers request creates differences in take home yield and processing price.