Our Pigs - Beyond Organic

Although many people love pork products, bacon, sausage, bratwursts, there’s often pressure to shy away from these if you’re trying to stay healthy. That’s because mass production has been worse to pork than any other meat. Most supermarket pork products are full of additives, and the result is a product that is less tasty and much less healthy.

Our pigs are sourced as piglets from a local producer who has been raising the Berkshire breed of pigs in a system that meets our standards for many years. They are then raised being rotated through a combination of open pasture as well as orchard/wooded areas – all chemical free. They are able to obtain about 25-40% of their diet on natural forage as they are rotated through a variety of paddocks. As they grow and require additional feed supplementation, locally sourced non-GMO grain is utilized.

Hogs are true omnivores and thoroughly enjoy grazing and rooting for roots, grubs, grape vines, leaves, nuts, and a lot more.  By placing pigs in their native ecosystem, we are achieving not only great animal welfare and land stewardship, but also resulting in something excellent for human health and enjoyment.

All of our meat is processed and sold locally. We believe strongly in supporting our local economy and neighbors through our business as well as the delicious and nutritious products we are able to offer.

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