Beef & Pork Processing

We pride ourselves on our animals living a happy and healthy life, with just one bad day.

Many folks overlook that one bad day, but for us that is possibly the most important day. These animals are making the ultimate sacrifice to feed thousands of mouths.  It is our duty to make sure do so with dignity.

When we started the journey of selling our meat directly to customers, a huge piece of that was finding a processor that fit ALL of our requirements.

Not only did they need to be able to produce quality finished product in high quality packaging, but they needed to care for our animals the way we would if we were processing on farm.

After trying several different facilities, we settled on an operation that truly matched our beliefs and went beyond what we were looking for in humane animal handling.

When the current owners bought the facility 10 years ago, the first thing they did was hire a design and consulting group from Dr. Temple Grandin. If you’re not sure who Dr. Grandin is, you should look her up! She has been a leader in animal behavior and the humane handling and slaughter of animals. With her organization’s help, our processor was able to set up a facility that met the animals where they needed to be for the most peaceful experience possible.

Having toured their facility and spoken (on many occasions) with the owners, I can see the compassion in every person that works there.