Our Chickens - Beyond Organic

While many people are familiar and comfortable with the misleading phrase “free-range chickens,” what we do with our chickens at C&F Farms is truly pasture-raised.

As with all of our animals, we utilize a form of rotational grazing with the chickens. They are moved to fresh grass daily, sometimes multiple times a day, depending on forage availability! This allows them the best possible access to pasture forages, bugs, sunshine, and fresh air.

Similar to our pigs, the chickens get a supplemental feed to ensure they’re getting all the nutrients they require. All our feed is sourced locally and is non-GMO.

The benefits are numerous for chickens raised in such a system. Moving the chickens regularly not only keeps them on fresh grass which helps maintain their health, it also helps dramatically improve the health of the pasture they’re in!

Leaving a nice spread of chicken manure behind them, we see a huge flush of grass only a few weeks after the chickens have passed, fueled by the nutrients in the manure.

The industrial Chicken system has totally removed the taste from poultry…you need condiments to help get it down!

When you taste our chicken you will notice the difference in both flavor & texture, and you’ll have the added satisfaction of knowing that you are not supporting some anonymous over-crowded factory farm.

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